5 Ways Apps Can Help Children Prepare For The Dentist

A family dentist typically goes out of their way to keep children calm and relaxed, especially for a first time visit. Even with all the preparation done at a family dentistry, your child may still have fears and anxiety going into the first appointment.

Instead of letting your child worry too much, a number of apps can help ease the anxiety. The following five types of apps can be used in the weeks and days before a child visits the dentist. The more they are prepared, the less likely they will have a meltdown because of something unexpected.

Sound Board Apps

One of the scariest things for a child going to the dentist is hearing all the unfamiliar sounds that come from dental tools. The whizzing, gurgling, and constant noise can make a child afraid. Getting a child used to these sounds can easily be completed through sound board apps. These app downloads are typically free and feature a variety of sounds found at the dentist. While searching, you can find the sounds in general sound boards along with specific dental sound boards.

One sound that a child should get used to is the dental drill sound effect. This sound may seem painful, but it is actually very common and is similar to other dental sounds like the polisher. Not only is it a good idea to play these sounds for a child, but you should also explain them to the child.

Interactive Story Apps

Hearing dentist sounds can be expanded through interactive story apps. In an interactive story, children can experience multiple senses. They can see cartoon characters visit a dentist office, hear the sounds, and touch various parts of the dentist office.

A good thing about interactive stories is that many of the dentist-themed stories feature characters who will have similar anxiety and fears of the dentist like your child. As the child finishes the story, they can see the character overcome their fears and actually enjoy going to see the dentist.

Dentist Gaming Apps

Dentist gaming apps allow your child to reverse roles and play the dentist themselves. This is a great role-playing opportunity and chance to explain the dental appointment procedure to your child. The gaming apps feature a number of interactive lessons on dental visits.

Children have the ability to use the games to floss, clean teeth, and get accustomed to a variety of dentist tools. Stick with dental cleaning apps at first. Some of the dentist apps feature tooth extractions, which is very unlikely for the first visit to the dentist. If children want to complete the extraction tasks, then explain that their teeth are only being cleaned and not taken out.

A number of tooth fairy gaming apps are available too. These games expand on proper tooth health and the importance of a dentist.

Relaxation Apps

As you head to the appointment, a variety of relaxation apps can help your child stay calm and relaxed before they arrive at the office. These apps have a number of features to help your child relax.

  • Soothing Images: Relaxing images of beaches, forests, and starry nights can keep a child focused.
  • Soothing Sounds: Soft and classical music can create a relaxed body for tense children.
  • Relaxing Videos: Some relaxation apps feature videos and animations that include moving waves, rainfalls, and the sun setting.

Dental Health Apps

Not only should a child understand what's going to happen at the dentist, but they should understand why the dentist is so important. The use of dental health apps can give you access to large digital libraries full of information and images.

To help teach your child about dental health, it's a good idea to show them comparison pictures between a healthy smile or unhealthy mouths that include tooth decay and gum disease. Some dental health apps feature progression videos that showcase the health of teeth over periods of time when they are not cared for.

When downloading any type of dental app, it's important to examine the app first and ensure that it is appropriate for your child.