Helping Your Family Understand 3 Common Dental Myths

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people are apprehensive. Whether it's due to an underlying fear of sitting in the chair or a misunderstanding about oral hygiene, their fear is usually due to a myth that has little truth. As such, here's three of the most common dental myths and the truth behind them:

  1. No Pain Means I Don't Need to Visit the Dentist

This is a common myth that many people who don't particularly like visiting the dentist believe. If you aren't experiencing any particular pain or discomfort, then why should you have to put yourself through the ordeal of visiting your dentist?

It's understandable that many people will wait until symptoms arise before they book an appointment; however, this is the wrong approach to take. Dental problems, like medical problems, can worsen with time, and in every case it is always better to prevent than to cure.

While you may not feel pain, you could be experiencing from degeneration of the teeth or gums that will increase your susceptibility to disease and infection. It's highly likely that you won't be able to pick up on this, so visiting a qualified professional who will is extremely important. Additionally, extensive dental work costs significantly more than a quick check-up, so you will be saving yourself money in the long run!

       2. The Dentist Will be Shocked at My Hygiene

This is an extremely common fear that is felt by both dental and medical patients alike. With respect to dental care, many people are worried that their poor oral hygiene will shock or anger the dentist and so feel embarrassed about visiting the dental clinic for help.

However, it's important to understand that dentists are highly qualified professionals who have carried out hundreds, if not thousands, of procedures. Many people have less-than-optimal oral hygiene, so your case definitely won't shock the dentist. Additionally, the majority of dentists aren't worried about how bad your current oral hygiene is; rather, they are concerned about helping you improve the health of your teeth and gums going forward.

While people are understandably nervous about visiting the dentist, your current oral hygiene shouldn't deter you from booking an appointment. On the contrary, if you feel that your oral hygiene is currently in a bad condition then it's time to visit a family dental professional and make changes to fix it!

     3. Dental Procedures are Painful

The most common fear that people have about visiting the dentist is that dental procedures are painful and involve a lot of work. The main cause of this fear is the tools utilized by dentists when carrying out procedures, particularly the electric drill. The whirr and buzz of the equipment can sometimes set off alarm bells that procedures are going to be painful; however, that isn't the case.

Before carrying out any extensive dental work, your dentist will administer a healthy dose of local anesthetic to numb the area. After being treated with this substance, the nerve pathways that signal pain to your brain will be closed off. This means that any injections or drilling that the dentist may carry out will not cause you any physical pain whatsoever.

With that said, many people swear that dental procedures are painful even after being dealt local anesthetic. This pain usually isn't physical; rather, it is your body's reaction to the fear of the dentist. As such, it's important that you take the time to fully understand what your dentist is doing to your mouth and why these procedures are necessary. This understanding will help you to calm down, allowing you to relax and avoid any panic responses.