Dentures Can Protect The Jaw Health Of Those Losing Teeth Due To Genetics

Tooth loss caused by genetic predisposition can be very frustrating because people may feel that they have little recourse in this situation. Thankfully, dentures can help a person keep their jaw strength healthy and avoid other issues that may unexpectedly develop due to tooth loss. 

Lost Teeth Can Cause More Health Issues

Some people are prone to tooth loss and struggle to keep their teeth in great shape. For example, they may suffer from large cavities because their body produces more plaque and tartar or doesn't handle them as well due to genetic predisposition. When this happens, an individual may find themselves losing teeth at a young age and struggling to keep their jaw health in great shape.

And this is a significant problem because jaw health is key to keeping a person's mouth secure and in great shape for years. When it starts to degrade, a person's mouth may begin to sag, they can lose strength and support in their mouth, and experience other issues that can be hard to tolerate. Thankfully, there are many ways to manage this problem and keep jaw health strong.

Ways Dentures Can Help

Those individuals concerned about the dangers of bone loss after losing more than a few teeth may want to consider dentures. Dentures may seem like a dramatic solution to this problem, but they are often a good choice if complete tooth loss is inevitable. For example, those individuals who are likely to lose more teeth may want to get the rest pulled and fitted for dentures.

There are a few reasons for this step. First of all, dentures can last for decades when properly handled, allowing them to keep great teeth long into their later years. Just as importantly, dentures also support the strength and health of a person's mouth by providing support for the rest of their jawbones, providing a high level of care that makes them great for just about anybody.

Just as importantly, there are two types of dentures that a person can choose to meet this goal. Removable models are less expensive and can be taken out for oral health care steps. However, those concerned about jaw bone health may want to for fixed dentures. These are installed directly into the gums and provide a high level of strength and protection that can last for years. And they can last longer than removable types if they are treated and maintained like normal teeth.

To learn more, reach out to a denture clinic near you.