Does Your Winter Sports Involvement Put You At Risk For A Jaw Disorder?

Whether you are a skiing enthusiast or a recreational snowboarder, winter sports put a lot of stress on your body. Not only are your muscles put to the test on your favorite runs, but other part of your body tense up, as well. A lot of people don't realize that being involved in winter sports affects their oral health. It can even lead to a painful jaw disorder known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).

What To Expect From An Apicoectomy

If you damage the pulp inside your tooth, an infection is likely to develop. In this case, a dentist from a clinic like Nordel Dental will normally carry out a root canal treatment to clean out the infected material. Root canal treatments are generally successful, but you'll sometimes need follow-up treatment if the infection doesn't clear up. An apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that some patients with failed root canal treatments undergo.

Helping Your Family Understand 3 Common Dental Myths

When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people are apprehensive. Whether it's due to an underlying fear of sitting in the chair or a misunderstanding about oral hygiene, their fear is usually due to a myth that has little truth. As such, here's three of the most common dental myths and the truth behind them: No Pain Means I Don't Need to Visit the Dentist This is a common myth that many people who don't particularly like visiting the dentist believe.

5 Ways Apps Can Help Children Prepare For The Dentist

A family dentist typically goes out of their way to keep children calm and relaxed, especially for a first time visit. Even with all the preparation done at a family dentistry, your child may still have fears and anxiety going into the first appointment. Instead of letting your child worry too much, a number of apps can help ease the anxiety. The following five types of apps can be used in the weeks and days before a child visits the dentist.

5 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For Your Dental Health

If you have been to the dentist even once, you have probably heard about all the sticky, sugary foods that taste great but are bad for your teeth. However, many people are not as familiar with foods that are good for the teeth and gums. Here are five foods that you should incorporate into your diet to improve your dental health. Salmon Salmon has a higher vitamin D content than virtually any other food.