Understanding The Denture Relining Process

If you have dentures, then you should know that certain denture services will need to be completed on a regular basis. These services are likely to include relining, so keep reading to learn what this is and how you can tell that one is required. What Is A Denture Relining? A denture relining is simply the replacement or reshaping of the base of the denture. This base is the acrylic one that sits next to the gum tissues that rest on the upper and lower arches.

Respect The Brush: How To Ensure That Your Toothbrush Is Cleaning Your Teeth Properly

You want your teeth to last forever. Because of that desire, you probably go to the dentist twice a year for those much-needed checkups. You also probably brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. However, you might not be paying as much attention to your toothbrush as you should. In fact, you might not be paying any attention to it, which can be terrible for your teeth. To help you give your toothbrush the attention it needs, and to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, here are four toothbrush tips you should follow.

Dentures And Dry Mouth: The Correlation And The Way To Fix The Problem

The dentures made today are much better than the type people wore decades ago, but they can still feel uncomfortable for many people. If you are having trouble with the way your dentures fit or feel, your dentist might ask you if you suffer from dry mouth. If you do, this could be the reason you are experiencing problems with your dentures. Here are three things you should understand about dry mouth and the effects it has on dentures.

3 Surgical Treatments for Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a serious form of gum disease. It leads to red, swollen, bleeding gums, but your gums aren't the only tissue affected by periodontitis; the ligaments and bones underneath your teeth can also be damaged. This serious disease can lead to complications like tooth loss, so if your dentist diagnoses you with periodontitis, treatment will start right away. Here are three surgical procedures that your dentist may recommend. Pocket reduction surgery

3 Limitations Of Clear Braces

If you are getting ready to get braces and are considering clear ones, you should not get your mind set on this option until after you have met with an orthodontist. While clear braces work great for some situations, there are other times when clear braces just won't do the trick. Luckily though, you can always get traditional braces, which will solve the problems you have with your teeth and bite.